Series 2.0 is now LIVE!

‘Healing Our Identity’, is now in its second Series! The first series is a personal reflection of my own journey to reclaim my identity and voice my truth, unapologetically and from my heart. 



Series 2.0 of the Podcast showcases deep and raw conversations exploring the voices and stories of Indigenous Women from around the world, sharing their knowledge and wisdom vulnerably and powerfully. 



I’m Erica and I’m from Ngati Raukawa e Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti, and grew up much of my life in Australia. I am a business owner, a women’s identity coach and a big-picture strategic thinker.



I work with women to help them understand how to reclaim their identity and start being the leader of their lives. I support women to understand the strength of communication, the strategy of using language to affirm who they choose to be. This includes the stories they tell themselves and the stories they tell others about who they are. Both play important roles in how they show up and present themselves in the world.



Thanks for tuning in and supporting this kaupapa!


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“This was so powerful for me. I was listening to while unpacking in my new home. Life Changing. Thank you for helping me see my unconscious patterns.”


Good food for thought here.”




“Babe!!!... This podcast!!.. I love it!!!”



“Huge Congratulations!! I have listened to the first five episodes of your wonderful, gorgeous podcast and I love it.”

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