International Women's Day 2021


In response to the theme for International Women's Day 2021, 'Choose to Challenge', I put out a call to indigenous women around the world to come together and share what it is they choose to challenge.


12 incredible women volunteered to be apart of the campaign and talk freely about topics they have chosen for themselves. 


This campaign is an opportunity to hear from strong and courageous indigenous women, their unique perspectives and what it is they choose to challenge at this moment. This conversation can be had over and over again, and the challenges can change over time, or they can stay the same if they are not addressed.


I encourage you to really listen with intent and hear what it is these women are saying are where they’re coming from with love and compassion.


Thank you for your support. 


Voicing Our Visibility

Choose to Challenge

Click on the link to listen to the full episode of the Voicing Our Visibility Campaign, including my behind the scenes thinking. 

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